Sliding doors of the week.

WHEN Girls Season 2 ended I was resigned to not switching my TV on for the foreseeable.
Then I accidentally discovered a brand new best programme ever made in the history of television.
My Cat From Hell, on the Animal Planet channel. It’s about this bald, tattooed bloke with a silly beard I long more and more desperately to snip off the longer I watch.
Nutshell: he’s the feline Supernanny.

Each story of him helping “guardians” make their cats so happy they stop attacking them is heart-warming and inspiring.
But also, you learn stuff! In one episode alone I discovered that I’ve been holding cats wrong MY WHOLE LIFE and not paying nearly enough attention to their tails.

If you need any more persuading, Supercatty’s name – seriously – is Jackson Galaxy and all his tattoos are of cats.
If I’d found this show a few years earlier, the name on this page would almost definitely be Polly Galaxy.

Sigh. Plus, if I was his wife, I could MAKE him cut off the beard.
Honourable gentleman of the week

“That marriage was shaky from the get-go, before I’d even got off the elephant. It was a drag, man.

“Let me tell you a thing about marriage: it’s a bond that can last up to 14 months. This is a sacred 14-month arrangement.”

Russell Brand proves once again just how much he loves women.Modest star of the week

Q: “What are you best at?”

Joan Collins: “Life.”
Perfect solution of the week.“Troubled Lindsay Lohan has been sentenced to 90 days in rehab, but I think she really needs the love of a good man.”


‘Joe Galliano’ Returns To Conan To Discuss His Brother’s Comeback.

If you, like me, gave a bit of the old side eye when you found out that John Galliano was being given another chance at a career by Oscar de la Renta, perhaps this will convince you otherwise. Last night, John’s equally eccentric brother Joe Galliano returned to Late Night With Conan O’Brien to explain precisely why his brother is deserving of redemption.

Just kidding! He returned to wear a bunch of silly hats and speak in a foppish manner, which is pretty much the entirety of the joke. But maybe I’m feeling jolly today, because I still have yet to tire of it.

Over the course of the interview, Mr. Galliano wears a clown wig, a coffee bag, a knitting project, a bear with a fish in its mouth, and some sort of C3PO/Princess Leia hybrid on his head while he spouts sentences like “he’s a misunderstood angel!” and “he’s a universal sibling to all who love beauty!” The hats and the words are both funny, of course, because they’re not too far off from something an actual, full of shit fashion person would wear/say.

Will the “John Galliano is a fop who wears funny hats” joke ever get old? Maybe it has already. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to enjoy it while it lasts. And after that, I’m going to invent a new way to mock and humiliate him, because it’s the least I can do to pick up the fashion industry’s slack.


The fashion world is filled with Jewish designers, from Diane Von Furstenburg to Zac Posen to Ralph Lauren. Can a man such as Galliano who works in such an industry really be so staunchly anti-Semitic? Of course he can (many friendships between Jews and non-Jews in pre-Holocaust Europe didn’t affect whether or not, in the end, numerous Jews were betrayed). And I also believe that Galliano should be punished, and severely at that. But not to the point where the person gets completely destroyed.

By skewering someone in the media so strongly, we may be doing a disservice. While it is understandable that anti-Semitic language cannot and should not be tolerated, the astonishing amount of media coverage may have only fueled anti-Semitic rumors that the Jewish people are all-powerful, much more so than the “average minority.”

While Galliano absolutely deserved to be fired, perhaps we should have looked upon this event with pity, and not outrage: the drunken ramblings of a man who caused his own fall from grace. And perhaps next time, a more nuanced campaign should be waged. Although we can never accommodate for anti-Semitism, we should instead try to educate, while still expressing condemnation for such actions.

Yael Miller is a graduate student at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies.