Fired John Galliano

Scandal-Inspired Costumes of the Year: Belligerent-

in-a-Cafe John Galliano, Rehab John Galliano, and

Fired John Galliano

The fashionable career of Racked contributor Payton Wang began in a typical retail situation—at an independent punk-hippie-run costume/gift shop in Athens, Georgia. Daily tasks included: fighting for air in a cloud of incense, vacuum-packing $10.00 wigs, occasionally sporting a penguin costume (fondly called Pay-Pay at the time) and, oh yeah, coordinating hundreds of costumes for the local mega-Greek weekly themed “socials.” Here, Payton channels those ideas that went unworn into a series of Halloween How-Tos.

So you’ve been wanting a new colorful blazer or to invest in one of fall’s many print-on-print wild ensembles, but couldn’t find an excuse to purchase one? Here’s your chance—dress up as our favorite scandalous British fashion designer, John Galliano for Halloween! Any of these outfits would be perfect, and made oh-so-Galliano with the simple addition of any bizarre hat you can get your hands on.

If you’re feeling less flashy, go for an easy, but equally as well-known ensemble, all-black. If in more of a flamboyant mood, the sailor look comes to mind. Regardless of which of his many looks you decide on, make sure a lot of cleavage is involved.

One of the many other choices with your John Galliano costume you have is which scandal? Sure Galliano himself is relevant in fashion, but it wouldn’t be a popular culture Halloween without context. We have belligerent in a cafe Galliano, rehab Galliano, or even fired Galliano to choose from after the jump.

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