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Disaster-Inspired Costume of the Year: How to Dress

Up as Kanye West’s Debut Womenswear Collection

The fashionable career of Racked contributor Payton Wang began in a typical retail situation—at an independent punk-hippie-run costume/gift shop in Athens, Georgia. Daily tasks included: fighting for air in a cloud of incense, vacuum-packing $10.00 wigs, occasionally sporting a penguin costume (fondly called Pay-Pay at the time) and, oh yeah, coordinating hundreds of costumes for the local mega-Greek weekly themed “socials.” Here, Payton channels those ideas that went unworn into a series of Halloween How-Tos.

So, re-living the downfall of a great designer isn’t for you? We’ve moved on from Galliano. How about re-living the very recent downfall of a brand new designer-slash-guy-who-should-have-stuck-to-his-day-job? That’s right, Kanye West’s Debut Womenswear Collection is our Halloween theme flavor-of-the-week, and we’ve got a costume for every critic.

This week’s costume ideas to choose from are the line-conceptualization costume, individual garments costume, and inspiration costume—including positive and negative review versions. Since Kanye’s collection was pretty much universally regarded as ill-fitting and poorly designed, we suggest those who choose the positive angle wear the same negative suggesting costumes with the addition of some sort of portable speakers blaring West’s song, “Stronger” and forging on (plus this is an excuse to hear Daft Punk all night). This guy is no stranger to haters.

Elements of construction for line emulation will include metallics, bandages, fur, bed sheets, more metallics, nylon zippers, and possibly Mylar—so basically, not a lot of clothing.