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‘The Mentalist’ Recap: Beauty and the Beast.waffle maker reviews

On this week’s episode of The Mentalist, the CBI team falls into the fickle and strange world of high fashion. Can Jane’s powers of observation break through the thick facade of people who look down on the general public? Let’s find out!

Trouble in the Bay

This week the team is sent to Oakland to investigate the murder of Wyck Theissens, whose name drips of the pomposity of some high society polo player. Wyck was a former Couture fashion designer was trying to make his big comeback in the warehouse of a shady renter named Mr. Liu. My Liu claims that the teenagers that Wyck employed are the culprits. Cho says that a gold feather was found in Wyck’s mouth, and Jane soon discovers a secret room full of high fashion dresses.

As Jane goes out to find the rascally kids that worked with Wyck, our old FBI friend Agent Darcy is still working on the Panzer murder and trying to learn more about Red John. It looks like this is one case that Jane won’t be able to shake off with his sly smiles and winks.

The Usual Suspects

Jane finds Wyck’s young assistants, but they were arrested on the night of the murders. No, they aren’t hardened criminals. Instead they are art students how decide to rage against the machine at the Occupy protests in the city. How topical of you, Mentalist! It turns out that Wyck was working on a new line to re-launch his career, but in the meantime he was making knock-off dressed for Mr. Liu. Damn you Liu! It’s people like you who create extremely high markets for fashion and electronics! Not only is Liu looking more shady, but he has also disappeared.

Lisbon and Jane then go to speak to a couple of guys who were responsible for Wyck losing his fashion street cred a few years earlier. (Is fashion street cred a thing? If not, it is now.) These men are Guy Duval, who had an argument with Wyck the night before the murder, and Junior Acosta, who released an embarrassing video of Wyck bad mouthing people. Not John Galliano-Nazi embarrassing, but still bad.. Duval claims that he was fond of Wyck and his work, and Acosta said he had no reason to kill him. Acosta then proves this point by pulling a knife on Jane. Not a good way to get out of a murder rap my friend.